Tooth Extraction

Our goal is to help you keep your smile healthy and intact for as long as possible. However, in spite of our best efforts, sometimes the healthiest solution is to remove a severely damaged tooth.

Nobody likes to hear that they need an extraction, and we understand the anxiety it can cause. At Alta Dental Studio, we put your comfort first with every treatment we provide. Whether you need a simple filling or an extraction, our team will provide the compassionate care you need.

Why Tooth Extraction Is Necessary

We treat extraction as a last-resort for damaged teeth that can’t be saved any other way. There are many situations that make extraction necessary:

  • Extensive decay makes it impossible to save the tooth
  • A tooth is too damaged by decay and can’t be saved otherwise
  • A dental abscess has advanced and cannot be treated with a root canal
  • We need to relieve crowding in preparation for orthodontic treatment
  • To prepare for full or partial denture therapy

Wisdom Teeth

Some people may get only one wisdom tooth, some get more, and some don't get any at all. These teeth are a holdover from the days when our ancestors needed extra chewing power to negotiate a diet of leaves, roots, nuts, and meat. Not only do we no longer need this function, but our jaws have also gotten smaller, so when wisdom teeth appear in the late teens or early 20s, they may cause crowding or become stuck in the jaw (impacted). 

It's a good idea to remove impacted wisdom teeth because they can cause gum infection, misalignment, and damage to neighboring teeth. At Alta Dental Studio, our doctors recommend the removal of problematic wisdom teeth to avoid problems in the future.

Your Comfort Is Our Priority

You may feel apprehensive on the day of your procedure, and our goal is to do whatever we can to minimize your stress. If we can do anything to improve your comfort during your visit, please don’t hesitate to let us know, and we will tailor your treatment accordingly.

Before we begin your procedure, our caring team will make sure that you are settled in the chair with a comfy memory foam pillow and blanket if you like. We use a local anesthetic to make sure that the tooth is completely numb and you won’t feel any discomfort. If necessary, we can also prescribe a calming medication for you to take before your appointment so you can relax and get the care you need.

After the extraction, we apply Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) to the wound. PRP is a byproduct of blood that promotes tissue regeneration, and faster healing decreases the risk of later infections, complications, and discomfort.

We will send you home with post-procedure instructions that explain how to care for yourself and the extraction site to promote healthy healing.

Please Call Us to Schedule Your Procedure

If you have been told you need an extraction, please don’t delay treatment because of anxiety over the procedure. The team at Alta Dental Studio works together to ensure that you have the most comfortable, stress-free experience possible.

We like to plan extractions in advance, but in some cases, severe pain or infection makes it necessary to perform the procedure on an emergency basis. If this is the case, you can be confident that you are in the best possible hands, and we will provide the immediate treatment you need to restore your oral health.

Please call our Vancouver dental office at (604) 876-5032 so that we can provide the care you need to protect your smile.