Dental Implants in East Vancouver

Elderly woman smiling with dental implantsDental implants are an excellent solution if you want to replace missing teeth. We recommend implants at Alta Dental Studio because they are the healthiest, longest-lasting solution for tooth loss. They are also like your biological teeth and a favourite among most dentists. 

We use dental implants to replace a single tooth, several teeth, or to provide support for a full or partial denture. Dr. Jason Liu surgically places the implant post in your upper or lower jawbone to replace the root of one or more missing teeth.

To learn more about dental implants, continue reading through the prompts below or reach out to a helpful team member at Alta Dental Studio.

What Are the Benefits of Dental Implants in East Vancouver?

There are several reasons why our Vancouver dentists may recommend dental implants:

  • They provide support and stability for restorations like crowns, bridges, and complete and partial dentures. 
  • They feel more like natural teeth compared to bridges or dentures.
  • Dentures supported by implants are more stable than removable prosthetics.
  • They prevent deterioration of your jawbone in the location of the missing tooth.
  • Since they can last a lifetime with proper care, they are a better long-term value than bridges or dentures.

Why Do I Need to Replace Missing Teeth?

A large gap in your smile looks unattractive, but tooth loss also leads to other problems:

  • Missing teeth affect your speech and make it hard to chew
  • Neighbouring teeth start to drift out of proper alignment
  • Bone loss occurs around the missing tooth and causes surrounding teeth to loosen
  • Loss of bone causes your face to sag and make you look older than your years

The Dental Implant Process In Vancouver

Diagram showing how dental implants and dental crowns fit onto teethDr. Jason Liu determines that a dental implant is the best solution for you through a comprehensive consultation in our dental office. This may include imaging, especially if you're a new patient to Alta Dental Studio. We also talk to you about smile goals and long-term objectives. Considerations for dental implant placement include jawbone health and sinus placement. We also take a thorough health history before moving forward.

In some cases, Dr. Liu recommends pretreatments to make you a better candidate for implants, especially if issues are uncovered during your initial consultation. Pretreatments can include anything from bone grafting to eliminating underlying oral health conditions.

If you move forward with dental implants, there are several steps involved:

First, we use 3-D cone beam imaging to plan the precise placement of your dental implant in. This image-guided approach means precision in your dental implant treatment.

On the scheduled day, Dr. Liu places the implant in your jaw during a procedure at our dental office. The area is always thoroughly numbed before placement. Recovery is also quick, provided you follow all aftercare instructions. At most, you might experience a few days of minor swelling and discomfort. You can treat this with Ibuprofen.

We leave the implant post to heal over several months until it integrates with your jawbone. This creates a strong and durable underpinning for your dental crown or prosthetic.

After healing, we attach a crown, bridge, or denture to restore function and appearance. From there, you are free to indulge in your favorite foods again and smile with confidence. 

How Do I Know If Dental Implants Are Right for Me?

Most people who deal with tooth loss are good candidates for dental implants. However, in some cases, Dr. Liu may need to perform a grafting procedure to build up bone in your jaw so he can place the implant.

You probably have many more questions, and the best place to start is by calling us to arrange a consultation. At that time, Dr. Liu will be happy to discuss dental implants and how they can restore your smile's health, beauty, and function.

Taking Care of Your Dental Implants

Fortunately, dental implants don't require unique levels of care. Instead, you brush and floss them just like natural teeth and visit your dentist according to schedule for preventive services like checkups and teeth cleanings. 

Ideally, you should see your dentist once or twice yearly and brush and floss after every meal. Twice daily is the minimum to maintain your oral health and the integrity of your dental implants. 

Of course, dental implants can't decay, but issues with your gum health, especially gum disease, can lead to dental implant failure. We also recommend talking to your dentist about a mouthguard if you compete in sports or a nightguard if you suspect bruxism (teeth clenching at night). 

With proper dental care, excellent oral hygiene, and healthy habits, your dental implants may last for a very long time. In some cases, dental implants have even lasted for life!

Contact Your Dentist in East Vancouver for More Information about Dental Implants

Please call our Vancouver dental office at (604) 876-5032, and a member of our team will help you arrange an appointment. Also, get in touch if you have questions about our dental implants or other tooth replacement options. 

We look forward to helping you achieve your dream smile through tooth replacement.