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Should I get an implant or a bridge to replace my missing tooth?

At Alta Dental Studio, our dentists usually provide several replacement options for patients with missing tooth. Bridges and implants are both reliable solutions, but have their own pros and cons for our patients to consider. The biggest difference between the two procedures is how new teeth are held in place. 

Dental implants are individually placed into gum and serves as an artificial root, anchoring the replacement tooth in place. This also helps prevent bone loss and preserves jaw structure in the long run just like how your natural teeth do. An implant can be cared for just like any natural tooth. It also does not require removal of potentially healthy structure form the neighboring teeth to support it. A considerable time span is needed to complete the procedure. In such cases your doctor can place a temporary tooth in the empty space while you heal.

In comparison, a bridge provides a replacement tooth by using teeth on either side of the missing tooth for support. They can generally be completed in a week. Teeth adjacent to the missing teeth will need to be reduced, which may compromise the healthy tooth structure. Since a bridge does not replace the missing root structure, you are at an increased risk of bone loss over time. Also, keeping a bridge clean requires frequent cleaning to prevent bacteria buildup.

Every patient is different. Schedule a consultation appointment at Alta Dental Studio. Our experienced dentists will work with you to identify the best option for your tooth, your long-term oral health, and your budget.

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