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Brush Up on the Benefits of BOTOX®

November 12, 2022
Posted By: Dr. Jason Liu

From an early age, people are very attuned to faces, garnering essential information through them about those all around us. Numerous studies have explored our tendency towards facial responses and found that these reactions form early and are even automatic.

Subsequent research revealed that "the human brain can detect faces in just over 100 ms" and in less than 1/10th of a second after that, we’ve already begun judging that face. From these rapid impressions, we assemble feelings about the people we see. "Facial credibility has been proven essential to the trust that influences cooperation."

So, when people ponder their faces in the mirror, it's more than vanity. It’s a study of how you can improve personal relationships and professional collaborations. Paired with a healthy smile, your face should be among your greatest assets. In Canada, many people recognize this reality, and our internet searches reflect it. For example, BOTOX® completely dominates all other search terms under cosmetic procedures, with twice as many instances compared to rhinoplasty, the next most popular search term.

So if you’re searching for BOTOX near me in Vancouver, we can help you decide if the treatment will yield results. Dr. Liu and his team at Alta Dental Studio are here to explain how BOTOX works, as well as the numerous health benefits that come with the treatment for facial aesthetics.

How BOTOX Fixes Facial Wrinkles

Botox began as a naturally occurring neurotoxin that confounded scientists for centuries. A product of a food-borne bacteria first identified in sausage, the name botulism and the C. botulinum bacteria both derive from the Latin ‘botulus', which means sausage. By the 20th century, scientists had isolated the toxin and learned it works by interrupting nerve signals that cause muscles to contract.

So, while this compound can be dangerous to people in large doses, researchers also recognized that a diluted version injected directly into muscles could target those muscles, relaxing them for a time. Then, by the 1970s, doctors discovered that it could minimize the appearance of certain kinds of wrinkles and a host of other uses.

Treating Dynamic vs Static Wrinkles in Vancouver

Facial wrinkles fall into two categories depending on their origins: static and dynamic. Static wrinkles, as the name implies, are not caused by muscle movement. Instead, they result from skin tightening caused by a natural depletion of collagen and elastin. These are often called fine lines because they are gradual and independent of how your face moves, so they may not be as pronounced.

Dynamic wrinkles vary from the static variety because they change with your facial expressions. Each time you smile, frown, laugh, glare or squint into the sun, your facial muscles contract to form each expression. Over the years, the more often your muscles flex into a particular position, the more that contraction becomes etched into their structure.

Though BOTOX may somewhat improve static wrinkles, this treatment is the most effective on dynamic wrinkles. Here are some examples with their common and more expressive names:

  • The Angry 11’s – When you frown, worry or furrow your brows, two vertical wrinkles form between your eyebrows which resemble the number eleven.
  • Bunny Lines – These horizontal lines run across the bridge of your nose between your eyes and are also produced when you furrow your brows.
  • Marionette Lines – Another product of frowning, these vertical lines run down from the corners of your mouth, causing cheek droop and even jowl-like wrinkles.
  • Crow’s Feet –  These are wrinkles which form around your eyes when you squint or glare and tend to radiate from the corners and outwards.
  • Laugh Lines – True to the name, these are small lines formed around your upper lip when you laugh.
  • Lip Lines – These are thinner, vertical lines around the perimeter of your mouth.

Dr. Lin has the expertise to target these wrinkle types with precise injections, minimizing muscle contraction and smoothing out those lines.

The Health Benefits of BOTOX

While the most common use of BOTOX therapy is cosmetic, it can also treat other facial-muscular conditions. For example, many people suffer from issues associated with clenched jaw muscles that may harm their jaw joints. This connecting point between your skull and jaw is called your TMJ, which is short for your 'temporomandibular joint'.

If you have trouble with a clenched jaw, then your joints may become inflamed, leading to a TMJ disorder. You also may end up grinding your teeth, a condition called bruxism. When applied to your jaw muscles, BOTOX can take pressure off your TMJ and your teeth, relieving the resulting pain and allowing your joints time to heal.

The Advantages of BOTOX in Vancouver, B.C.

The Alta Dental team is qualified to use BOTOX and can perform safe and precise injections for both cosmetic results and to treat other facial muscular conditions. In addition, Dr. Lin and our team can address any of your concerns before treatment.

To learn more, we encourage you to call our East Vancouver dental clinic to schedule an appointment. Our goal is to help you achieve a gorgeous smile, smooth skin and facial features which will always echo your inner beauty and confidence.