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How soon can you see me in an emergency?

At Alta Dental Studio, patients are our top priority. We understand that some oral health emergencies cannot wait until the next day, and requires immediate care. Our dental team will do everything we can to bring you in as soon as possible to make you feel at ease and be less pinic with the emergency situation. Alta Dental Studio offers same-day emergency appointments. Call the office right away to schedule your appointments, and make a note of which tooth is hurting, how long has it been hurting, and how the tooth reacts to cold or hot foods or drinks or to pressures. The more details you provide, the better we can assist you. 

Alta Dental Studio is taking all precautions with COVID-19 in addition to our highest-standard sterilization and infection controls that we have always had in place.

A list of enhanced health and safety-related practices have been firmly implemented