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Surprising Causes of Tooth Decay

June 29, 2022
Posted By: Alta Dental Studio

Tooth decay is a common dental problem that affects patients of all ages, even adults. Fortunately, with excellent oral hygiene, regular dental care, and a few healthy habits, you can lower your risks for tooth decay.

Your dentist in Vancouver explores surprising causes of tooth decay and how you can improve oral health.

Tooth decay is a rite of passage in childhood, but adults also get cavities. Like most of us, you know that sugar and sweets can lead to cavities, but there are other culprits as well. So let’s identify a few surprise causes of cavities.

#1 Fruit Juice and Tooth Decay

You may think of fruit juice as a natural drink, especially if you’re purchasing the organic variety or making it yourself. However, while fruit juice has nutrients, it is not necessarily good for your teeth.

Fruit juice is acidic and loaded with natural sugar. Sugar collects on teeth forming plaque and leading to decay. And acid weakens your enamel inviting cavities.

If you indulge in fruit juice, rinse your mouth after—or brush your teeth if possible.

#2 Tooth Injuries and Cavities

Any tooth trauma or enamel crack invites bacteria into the tooth, compromising its structure and leading to decay or infection. If you injure your tooth, you should contact your dentist even if you don’t feel pain.

#3 Tobacco Use and Tooth Decay

Tobacco use is harmful to your health in general, but when it comes to your teeth, tobacco causes dry mouth, which promotes tooth decay. Tobacco use also puts you at risk for oral cancers and gum disease.

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