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What to Do for a Dental Injury

February 21, 2022
Posted By: Alta Vista Dental Studio

If you have a knocked-out tooth or another dental injury, it’s crucial to contact your emergency dentist in Vancouver, BC as soon as possible. With timely intervention, we can often reset a knocked-out tooth into the gum and restore one that has been damaged.

Let’s explore what to do if you have a dental emergency in Vancouver, BC.

Dental Emergency Types and Treatments

There are many different dental emergencies, and not all of them relate to a sudden injury. For example, a root canal infection is very common, but it is not always related to tooth trauma.

Root Canal Infection

  • Signs of a root canal infection may include:
  • Tooth sensitivity or increasing pain
  • Jaw pain and swelling
  • A bump or blister on the gum

A root infection can result from trauma, untreated tooth decay, lack of oral hygiene, and inadequate dental care.

To treat a root infection, your dentist numbs the treatment area around the painful tooth, extracts the infection from the root canal, and provides a temporary seal. Then, we fit you with a dental crown to restore stability to the treated tooth at a future appointment. A dental crown is a tooth-shaped cover customized to match your smile.

Knocked-Out Tooth

Of course, a knocked-out tooth is always considered a dental emergency. The first step to saving the tooth is collecting it and keeping it in a cup of water until your emergency dental visit. With timely intervention, we may save the tooth by resetting it in the gum. We recommend not handling the tooth—just keep it in the cup of water.

Tooth Fracture, Trauma, or Deep Decay

Your emergency dentist in Vancouver can often restore a broken tooth with a dental crown. The dental crown is customized to work with your smile, including tooth shape and shade. In addition, it is a durable cover, creating a safety zone between your bite force and the weakened tooth beneath.

A dental crown may also work if a tooth is deeply decayed to the point where a tooth-coloured filling will not provide protection.

Soft Tissue Injuries

Your dentist can also treat soft-tissue injuries and remove an object that may be lodged between teeth—for example, a toothpick or string.

However, if you have body trauma or injuries outside the mouth, we encourage you to visit your local emergency room and contact us after a doctor has cleared you.

Broken Restorations and Prosthetics

Your dentist may be able to repair a broken restoration or prosthetic or fit you for replacements. However, if you break a restoration, it’s essential to see the dentist as soon as possible to prevent debris from entering your tooth and causing infection.

When a Tooth Cannot Be Saved

Your dentist can talk to you about replacement teeth in Vancouver, BC. Tooth replacement is crucial to your long-term oral health, helping to prevent tooth migration, tooth wear, and even future tooth loss.

Dental Implants in Vancouver

Dental implants are replacement roots implanted in the jawbone. Over several months, these roots integrate into the bone, creating a stable underpinning for a replacement tooth, often called a tooth crown.

If you’ve lost multiple teeth, your dentist can talk to you about an implant-retained denture or bridge. A dental bridge can take as little as one implant for stabilization. A complete denture may mean four to six implants.

Dental implants are the only replacement option that restores your tooth root for a more natural and lasting choice. In addition, a restored tooth root may guard against bone loss in the jaw.

Your dentist will evaluate your oral health to ensure that implants work for your smile restoration. And we always encourage your questions.

A Dental Bridge

A dental bridge closes the gap in your smile through a replacement tooth or teeth placed between dental crowns. The crowns cover healthy teeth, allowing the restorations to fill space. A dental bridge is a fixed option that can only be removed by your dentist.

Lowering Your Risks for Dental Emergencies

To lower your risks for oral infections and tooth decay, we recommend visiting your dentist on schedule for checkups and teeth cleanings. You should also brush and floss regularly between these visits.

If you play a sport, be sure to wear a mouthguard to lower your risks for sudden oral injuries. And if you grind and clench your teeth, consider a mouthguard to help prevent tooth fractures and damage to your oral health.

For Dental Emergencies in Vancouver, Contact Us

A member of our team can instruct you on what to do before your emergency dental appointment. For example, we can recommend ice packs or pain relievers to see you through.

If you have a dental emergency or suspect you might, we urge you to contact us as soon as possible for guidance. Our goal is to save your smile and eliminate your pain.