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Investing in new technology allows us to make use of state-of-the-art advances that make your dental treatment easier and more efficient. It allows us to help support your oral health goals in the most updated way possible, while also keeping you safe and comfortable.

Please take a look at some of the technology we currently use to learn how it can make your dental treatment easy and stress-free. If you have questions, please contact Alta Dental Studio. We would love to welcome you to our practice and show you how we use this technology to deliver the quality dentistry you want and deserve.

3-D Cone Beam Imaging

State-of-the-art cone beam technology (CBCT) produces a highly-detailed 3-D image of your mouth and jaw and all supporting structures. CBCT provides the information we need to diagnose problems and plan procedures like implant placement, root canals, extractions, and orthodontic treatment.

With 3-D digital imaging, we can easily identify abnormalities within your bone. This information makes planning for surgery and other procedures much more efficient. 3-D digital imaging also allows you to be part of the diagnostic and planning process because the images let you see exactly what we see. 

Learn more about where we use this technology:

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP has long been widely used in hospitals to promote faster healing. It is a byproduct of blood that is rich in growth factors and platelets. Today, advanced technology allows us to adapt this technique for dentistry. Some of the reasons our doctors use PRP are:

  • Lowers the risk of infection – We apply PRP to a wound, which lowers the risk of problems and seals it away from infectious agents.
  • Faster healing – Applying PRP to a wound speeds up the healing process and promotes faster tissue regeneration. Faster healing minimizes discomfort and minimizes the risk for infections or other complications.
  • Safe and convenient – We don’t have to be concerned about disease transmission because we harvest PRP from your blood supply. We collect the small amount of blood needed during a routine outpatient procedure at our office.

Digital X-Rays

Digital radiography is today’s standard for taking x-rays. Instead of traditional x-ray film, we use digital sensors to produce images of your teeth. Images produced with digital radiography deliver a highly detailed view of your teeth, while significantly reducing your exposure to radiation. This is an understandable source of concern for many people, so you’ll be relieved to know that digital radiography exposes you to about 80 percent less radiation than traditional film x-rays.

Digital x-rays also eliminate the need for chemical processing, making digital imaging safer for you and better for our environment. And since the images are digital, we store them on our secure in-house network so we can refer to them as needed for monitoring conditions and easily send them to specialists and your insurance company.

Digital Impressions

In the past, the only way to obtain impressions was to use a messy liquid paste smeared in a large metal tray. These impressions were not always accurate, and worse yet, uncomfortable for the patient. Digital impressions at Alta Dental Studio eliminate this unpleasant step and provide us with a more accurate representation of your teeth.

The impressions we take produce a “digital map” that we use to develop 3-D images of your teeth. As our doctors scan your teeth, the images appear on your chairside monitor so you can see what we see.

We then use the highly detailed model produced with digital impressions to plan precise treatment for Invisalign, dental restorations, and cosmetic procedures.

Laser Dentistry

We are pleased to offer our patients the benefits of soft tissue laser dentistry. Dental lasers work the same way as lasers used for other medical procedures. They allow us to focus a directed beam of light and remove problematic tissue without affecting the healthy surrounding tissue.

Dental lasers promote faster healing and allow us to perform a number of procedures with no discomfort and little to no bleeding after treatment. Procedures commonly performed with dental lasers include:

  • Comfortable, efficient periodontal treatment including gingivectomies
  • Recontouring of gum tissue for a more attractive smile
  • Frenectomy to correct a “tongue tie”
  • Treatment of herpetic and canker sores to shorten their duration and minimize future outbreaks
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