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How often do I need to have dental x-rays?

The frequency of dental x-rays is determined by your oral health. If your teeth are healthy and you haven’t experienced any dental problems recently, you probably won’t need an x-ray at every appointment. However, patients whose dental situation is not as stable or who are being monitored by our doctors may require x-rays more frequently.

At Alta Dental Studio, we understand the concerns many of our patients have about radiation exposure. You should know that a set of four bitewing x-rays exposes you to no more radiation than you naturally receive every day from the environment. However, we assure you that your safety and comfort are our priorities, so we offer state-of-the-art digital x-rays that reduce your exposure by as much as 80 percent compared to film x-rays.

Dental x-rays are a vital diagnostic tool that we use to prevent minor problems from becoming major problems. If we recommend x-rays, our doctors will explain why they’re necessary and how they will benefit your treatment. We never recommend x-rays without a good reason, and if you ever have concerns, please let us know so we can address them.

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