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3 Signs You May Need a Root Canal

December 28, 2021
Posted By: Alta Dental Studio
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If your dentist diagnoses you with a tooth infection and you need a root canal in Vancouver, don’t worry. Modern technologies have made root canal treatment straightforward, painless, and simple.

However, it’s crucial to seek a diagnosis and treatment as soon as possible to avoid infection spread and the potential loss of your tooth.

Let’s explore a few signs that may indicate a tooth root infection.

#1 A Sensitive Tooth or Toothache

Root infections can start with tooth sensitivity, but that can escalate to severe pain quickly. If you have tooth sensitivity that worsens throughout the day or evening, you may need to contact our dental team to schedule an emergency dental visit.

#2 Jaw or Face Swelling

An infected tooth root can cause significant swelling near the site of the bad tooth. If you notice swelling, it’s crucial to contact your emergency dentist in Vancouver as soon as possible. We do not want your infection to spread.

#3 A Bump or Blister on the Gum

A lump on the gum near the painful tooth is a common root infection symptom. This abscess may drain a bit in some cases, but it is a reasonably sure sign of infection. So with a toothache and blister on your gum, it’s time to reach out to our dental team!

Lowering Your Risks

In some cases, a root infection results from trauma or injury to the tooth. Other times, it starts with untreated tooth decay.

To lower your risks, be sure to see your dentist twice yearly for dental checkups and teeth cleanings. In addition, it would be best to brush and floss regularly to avoid decay, infections, and periodontal disease.

Additionally, always report changes in your oral health to your dentist.

Call Your Emergency Dentist in Vancouver

A root infection that is not treated may result in infection spread and tooth loss. If you have a toothache or other symptoms, contact us as soon as possible.

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